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More ultrasound results

As mentioned in Friday’s blog, we ultrasounded our ewes nearly one week ago, giving us an idea of the lambing season to come. This information not only allows us to feed each of the ewes according to her needs, saving us money on feed in the long run. But it also helps as each ewe […]

Trying to figure out Ilaina and Maisie

This is the last week of breeding season at Peeper Hollow Farm. Nearly every week through this breeding season, we have changed the crayons that the rams wear to mark the ewes when they are bred; we’ve gone through yellow, orange, red, and green over these past weeks, and are now on blue. Changing crayons […]


Adding adult sheep to a flock can be a tricky thing. Lambs are a bit more resilient, integrating fairly quickly and easily as they move from one flock to another, but adults are an entirely different situation. It can take a year or more to really see whether they’ll produce for you—and often the shepherd […]