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The season of deliveries

Shepherding is cyclic, shifting with the seasons throughout the year. The heavy-duty work of lambing gives way to a period of growth, during which we ensure that each and every one of our lambs remains healthy and happy as they grow into the best version of their genetics. This period is one of evaluating, vaccinating, […]

The showdown at high noon

She stood in the stall in anticipation of the face-off to come, steadying her breathing, knowing she would need every advantage against her adversary. Her friends and flockmates had abandoned her only moments before, escaping through the half-door that always stood open — now still open, but blocked. Jypsi was trapped, and she knew it. […]

More ultrasound results

There’s a lot of information contained in the data we collect at ultrasounding, and the days that follow are filled with trying to make sense of the numbers. Sometimes I don’t know quite what to make of the numbers I’m working with, and at other times things make sense. For example, I was not surprised […]