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More about spotting

In my last blog, I talked a little bit about my current project, diving into trying to understand spotting in sheep. I’ve collected a database of nearly 300 lambs and have listed them by name, including sire and dam, and type of color. After looking at all of their birth photos, I have also cataloged […]

Whose lambs?

Lambing is a challenging time for any shepherd, no matter how many years of experience. Not only is the shepherdess sleep-deprived due to middle-of-the-night barn checks (even if they are done via a camera system), but it is a higher-risk period for both the ewes and their unborn or newly born lambs. Decisions must often […]

Kaylen’s head scratcher

Kaylen is one of our CVM ewes who isn’t particularly friendly with me. Oh, she is perfectly happy to take a graham cracker from my fingers or nibble a carrot that I hold in my hand; but generally, she would rather be far away from me as I go about my chores. So I was […]