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Surprising peacemakers

Ewes are usually gentle creatures with little interest in fighting unless they’re protecting young lambs or find themselves cornered with no other option. Unlike rams, bringing a new ewe into an existing group is simple. Within a relatively short time after adding the new member into the space, they¬† become a seamless part of the […]

Breeding season begins!

Our breeding season began yesterday as we gathered all of the ewes and checked them over one last time before dividing them into their breeding groups. We dewormed any who needed it, changed coats, trimmed dirty wool tags, and generally cleaned each girl up as her turn came, finally weighing her just before putting her […]

All things ultrasound

We pulled the last of the rams out of their breeding groups on Thursday, November 6th, which started the imaginary ultrasound clock ticking. Ultrasounding our sheep allows us several benefits for a small fee: we know how many lambs to expect from that ewe, we can confirm our due dates, and because we learn the […]