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With the exception of Martin’s recently enlarged Romney breeding group, the rest of our sheep are becoming obviously bored with breeding season. The ewes are ready to return to their matriarchal society, and the rams seem to be looking forward to returning to their ram-only groups in the upper paddocks. It’s obvious that breeding season […]

Good fences make good neighbors

Although this proverb appears in a poem by Robert Frost titled “Mending Wall,” some version of this same sentiment seems to appear across many cultures and languages — and it’s perfect in describing the goings-on of today’s blog! During this time of year — breeding season at Peeper Hollow Farm — it is never more […]

Switching out a ram

Today I’m writing about a situation that occasionally arises in any flock during breeding season: a ram who doesn’t (or can’t) work. We use a marking harness and crayon on each of our breeding rams, so every time one of our boys breeds one of his ewes, we are alerted by the colored blotch on […]

Ram changes

Our flock renewal is not limited to ewes! In the previous two blogs, I described the changes in the ewe flocks, but there has been even more turnover in our rams! We normally keep about a dozen boys over the winter, a combination of older rams who we still hope to use for breeding and […]

Romney changes

Every summer our flocks undergo a metamorphosis. I say flocks because in this instance we run two separate groups: a Romeldale/CVM flock and a Romney flock. At some point between May and September, part of my role as shepherdess is to determine the future direction of these flocks: who stays and who goes; and if […]

Howie’s hill

We keep four llamas as guards for our sheep, usually putting one with each group: ewe lambs, ram lambs, ewes, and rams. At different times of year, these groups may or may not be in different pastures. For example, we currently have all of the lambs grazing together, and that then means that there are […]