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McKinley fleece update

On June 15th and 20th, I wrote about our adult ewe, McKinley, who had lost a pretty big section of wool on her rump due to an unknown cause. I speculated at the time that it seemed to have been some chemical burn based on the scabbing and scarring that seemed to be present, and […]

Moving and settling in

Sheep take time to integrate into a new flock, and how much time depends upon many different factors. Many shepherds never consider this integration time – they move sheep hither and yon with little thought to the fact that these are living creatures that have made a home and a life at another farm. The […]

More on McKinley

I wrote last Wednesday about McKinley, the ewe who lost the skin and wool on her rump due to unknown causes. As shepherdess of our flock, it’s up to me to keep our flock healthy and safe, and I had obviously failed McKinley. Even worse, I had no idea how this had happened. Why had […]

Skin and wool loss

Note: Since readers have varying tolerances, this blog might not appeal to those who are quite squeamish. If one of my sheep-raising readers has experienced the same skin/wool loss in his or her flock, please let me know what, if anything, you and your vet discovered. When you run over a hundred sheep during the […]

Wearing their food

This is the time of year when shearing can’t come soon enough. After keeping their fleeces clean and beautiful all year long, the ewes are now slowly ruining what I have taken so long to produce. Okay, I know I don’t produce all that lovely, lustrous wool — they do! But honestly, who works so […]