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Celebrating life

About two-thirds of our lambs have now arrived, and we’ve had a bit of a break over the past week — until today, that is. This morning, Nelly broke our dry spell by delivering a ram lamb weighing 10.7 lbs. (named Pizza) and a ewe lamb weighing 9.8 lbs. (named Popcorn). Although Nelly and her […]

Nutrition during gestation: avoiding pregnancy toxemia

Nutrition is critical for any sheep flock, and even more so when the ewes are bred — particularly during the last trimester, when the unborn lambs gain about 70% of their growth. At this time nutrition can become a matter of life or death for both the ewe and the lambs she carries. The next […]

More ultrasound results

There’s a lot of information contained in the data we collect at ultrasounding, and the days that follow are filled with trying to make sense of the numbers. Sometimes I don’t know quite what to make of the numbers I’m working with, and at other times things make sense. For example, I was not surprised […]

The one that got away

Gabby is a Romeldale/CVM ewe we bought when we first got into the breed. She was our first ewe — and most likely our best purchase. A large-bodied girl with plenty of space for big triplets (up to 34 lbs of lambs in any given year), her fleece has won multiple awards at various competitions […]