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More ultrasound results

There’s a lot of information contained in the data we collect at ultrasounding, and the days that follow are filled with trying to make sense of the numbers. Sometimes I don’t know quite what to make of the numbers I’m working with, and at other times things make sense. For example, I was not surprised […]

Good fences make good neighbors

Although this proverb appears in a poem by Robert Frost titled “Mending Wall,” some version of this same sentiment seems to appear across many cultures and languages — and it’s perfect in describing the goings-on of today’s blog! During this time of year — breeding season at Peeper Hollow Farm — it is never more […]

Ram changes

Our flock renewal is not limited to ewes! In the previous two blogs, I described the changes in the ewe flocks, but there has been even more turnover in our rams! We normally keep about a dozen boys over the winter, a combination of older rams who we still hope to use for breeding and […]

Noa’s high jump

Sheep — being very adaptable ruminants that have weathered millennia in fields around the world — don’t really need a barn for survival; they essentially carry their own shelter on their backs. They need only a bit of shade in the summer to keep them a tad cooler and a windbreak in the winter to protect […]