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Low birth weight lambs

In the shepherding world, not all lambs are created equal. When we first started our flock, our newborn lambs weighed an average of about eight pounds, with as many above that weight as below. As I began my shepherding journey, collecting data as we went, I soon realized that those lambs who weighed less than […]

Romeldale changes

As I began explaining in Monday’s blog, summer on our farm always brings flock changes as existing flock members are evaluated and, in some cases, replaced by new spring lambs. This year we had great success in our Romeldale/CVM flock, producing a number of beautiful lambs that could bring us closer to our flock goals. […]


One of the delightful properties of wool is its crimp. With good crimp, a woolen garment has memory, returning to its original shape. Many of us have owned lovely sweaters that, before long, had cuffs that stretched out and didn’t return to hug our wrists – and this is an indicator of poor crimp in […]

In the eye of the beholder

Shepherds often discuss topics as widely varied as our sheep. Whether on the phone, by email, or in person, most sheep people recognize that we are a dying breed and that we have so much information to share. In a discussion the other day, another shepherd and I were talking about some of our best […]


This has been an exciting week for us. First, Grace delivered our last lambs of the year on Monday. Then, about forty-eight hours later, our farm played host to a field trip for students and parents who participate in the Marion Home School Assistance Program. Although we have hosted such a visit before, this time […]