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More ultrasound results

As mentioned in Friday’s blog, we ultrasounded our ewes nearly one week ago, giving us an idea of the lambing season to come. This information not only allows us to feed each of the ewes according to her needs, saving us money on feed in the long run. But it also helps as each ewe […]

Lambing statistics

This year’s lambing ended this past Saturday, and as part of the cleanup, I always compile statistics to give us a picture of the results. This year, for a variety of reasons (including cancer in one of our primary rams and two groups assigned to ram lambs who proved too immature to breed), we had […]

Olive and Pickles

Our regular readers may remember that during last spring’s lambing, our biggest Romeldale/CVM ewe, Gabby, delivered a good-sized set of twins, Oleander and Olive. They came into the world in the wee hours of that cold dark morning, and I found myself having to make a difficult decision. Gabby could not feed her twins, and […]

More ultrasound results

There’s a lot of information contained in the data we collect at ultrasounding, and the days that follow are filled with trying to make sense of the numbers. Sometimes I don’t know quite what to make of the numbers I’m working with, and at other times things make sense. For example, I was not surprised […]

He, she or it

Working with animals every day, as I do, provides an insight into their lives that most people don’t have. I’ve come to know the individuals in my flock and the others I work with (dogs and llamas) personally; each has his or her own personality with likes, dislikes, and ways of being in the world […]

Medicine for the soul

What I do here on the farm is hard to describe in terms that most people would understand. Some times of year, it seems almost all-encompassing when checking on the sheep, feeding our many groups, and helping deliver lambs  takes almost all of the time I have in a day. Yet, at other times of […]

The one that got away

Gabby is a Romeldale/CVM ewe we bought when we first got into the breed. She was our first ewe — and most likely our best purchase. A large-bodied girl with plenty of space for big triplets (up to 34 lbs of lambs in any given year), her fleece has won multiple awards at various competitions […]

Romeldale changes

As I began explaining in Monday’s blog, summer on our farm always brings flock changes as existing flock members are evaluated and, in some cases, replaced by new spring lambs. This year we had great success in our Romeldale/CVM flock, producing a number of beautiful lambs that could bring us closer to our flock goals. […]

Oh, the riches!

Okay, I have to be honest. When I speak of riches, I’m not talking about monetary riches — one is unlikely to find themselves surrounded by gold and silver during their shepherding career. Yet there is much more to life and happiness than silver and gold; and I would argue that in working with my […]