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All things ultrasound

We pulled the last of the rams out of their breeding groups on Thursday, November 6th, which started the imaginary ultrasound clock ticking. Ultrasounding our sheep allows us several benefits for a small fee: we know how many lambs to expect from that ewe, we can confirm our due dates, and because we learn the […]

Romney changes

Every summer our flocks undergo a metamorphosis. I say flocks because in this instance we run two separate groups: a Romeldale/CVM flock and a Romney flock. At some point between May and September, part of my role as shepherdess is to determine the future direction of these flocks: who stays and who goes; and if […]

The move to a new field

Starting the grazing in our pastures and rotating the flock from one field to the next is a complicated thing each spring. We try to get them grazing early enough that we don’t run out of hay yet not so early that they set back the pasture growth for the year. It is never the […]