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Giant pumpkins

Regular readers may recall that after every Halloween, we pick up unwanted pumpkins from local stores. There isn’t anything as outdated as a pumpkin after that holiday, and often the stores will let us have them simply because we are willing to take them all and clean up the area when we are done. Last […]

End of pumpkins

This week will mark the end of our sheep’s pumpkin supply. Since November 5, we’ve broken and fed out a dozen pumpkins daily: eight to the adult ewes, two to the ewe lambs, and one each to the adult rams and to the ram lambs. We originally got about 360 pumpkins from the drug store; with […]

Pumpkin palooza!

Each year as the local stores fill with pumpkin displays for Halloween, I begin my trek around town, trying to line up pumpkins for our sheep. There isn’t much that our flock loves to eat more than pumpkins — and after Halloween, many stores find that they had more than they could sell. I talk […]