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The chicken dance

I’ve had a problem with my rooster. Regular readers might recall that when we got our chickens last year, I ended up with two roosters in the batch. My neighbor took the bigger of the two, and I kept the more interesting-looking Polish. Of course — with my typical luck — my neighbor’s rooster is […]

Mr. Beasley moves out

I recently wrote about one of my hens — Mrs. Beasley — who was beginning to crow. Over the ensuing weeks, I came to realize that Mrs. Beasley is actually Mr. Beasley, and having two roosters was creating a problem for our small laying flock. Our hatchery order always includes a free rooster —  this […]

Trouble in the henhouse

Trying to keep a flock of chickens has been a bit of a challenge this year. Several years ago, raccoons decimated our flock while we were on vacation, and rather than replace them at that time (and lose them to the raccoons again), we decided to wait until our raccoon population was more under control. […]