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Practicing their ninja moves

For many years now, we have kept llamas as guardians for our sheep. We often have to decide which of the four llamas goes into which group. Sometimes we have more sheep groups than llamas and need to run one or more groups without protection. At other times we need to put more than one […]

Peeper Hollow Farm tour: the Rock, Timber, and Fire Circle Pastures

Shortly after we added the Romeldale/CVM breed to our flock, we knew we would need more grazing. Up to this point, we had been using temporary electric fencing to allow our sheep to graze beyond our two pastures, but this fencing would occasionally kill one of our lambs. I wanted something better, so we decided […]

Howie’s hill

We keep four llamas as guards for our sheep, usually putting one with each group: ewe lambs, ram lambs, ewes, and rams. At different times of year, these groups may or may not be in different pastures. For example, we currently have all of the lambs grazing together, and that then means that there are […]