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Benevolent rams

Sheep temperament is hereditary. That is not to say you will always get a sweet offspring from two sweet and gentle parents, but the parentage certainly doesn’t hurt! And like most traits that have a hereditary component, the more strongly you select for a trait among your flock members, the more likely you are to […]

The joy of shepherding

  When a non-shepherd looks across a flock of sheep, they generally see a blur of wool and faces, not differentiating one sheep from the next. In reality, nature intended it this way; after all, we are predators, and sheep use flocking to protect themselves from just such creatures. When a wolf or coyote looks […]

A tale of two ewes: Hannah and Noble

I’ve written many times about the individuality of our sheep; how every sheep has its own personality and way of interacting with the world. There are likely no two sheep so different than Hannah and Noble – two of the Romney ewes in our flock. Of the two, Hannah is the oldest, having been born […]