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Ewe pedicures

Shepherding is filled with tasks that few non-shepherds would recognize, and one of the biggest of these is the trimming of hooves. Hoof trimming isn’t required for sheep in the wild because of a perfect balance of environment and genetics: they have been selected by nature such that their normal hoof growth is easily worn […]

Sheep tipping

Most of you have likely heard the urban legend about cow tipping — knocking over cows who are asleep on their feet. My sheep tipping is something else entirely. We tip our sheep for a variety of reasons, but the most common is when we trim their hooves, as we did this past weekend in […]

Trimming hooves

The hooves of sheep grow constantly, very much like our own fingernails. Over the millennia, humans have selected for the hooves’ rate of growth and their thickness, resulting in the white sheep of the flock (on whom we have applied more selection pressure) generally requiring the most frequent and heavy trimming. Hoof growth in wild […]


We had scheduled the hoof-trimming extravaganza for our ewes on either Friday or Saturday, depending on weather. We had help lined up for either day, so we kept watching the weather forecast to see which would be our best bet. On Sunday, the forecast called for a small chance of rain on Friday and again […]