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Romney sheep and our lambs

The Romney sheep breed originated in the challenging wetland area of the Romney Marsh in southeast England. Over the centuries, the locals developed a sheep that was able to withstand the cold, wet conditions in which they lived. Even the youngest lambs had heavily felted ears and thick, warm fleece that could shake off the […]

Zoe remembered

It’s been almost a year now since our flock matriarch, Zoe, was put down peacefully in our West Pasture. Fifteen years old, she had lived a long, full life and had given us many beautiful daughters, both for our own flock and for other Romney flocks throughout the region. Crippled by severe arthritis, when the […]

Romney changes

Every summer our flocks undergo a metamorphosis. I say flocks because in this instance we run two separate groups: a Romeldale/CVM flock and a Romney flock. At some point between May and September, part of my role as shepherdess is to determine the future direction of these flocks: who stays and who goes; and if […]